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More troubles in the neighborhood
Oct 30, 2019: We recently had another car stolen from the front driveway of one of our neighbors homes.  This is starting to be a real problem as Austin continues to grow.  As homeowners, we should all make sure things are locked up properly at night, leave lights on and don’t leave any valuables in cars or trucks.  We are reenergizing our efforts to install video cameras at the entrances and exits from the neighborhood.
PHOA Meeting Results
Mar 1, 2019: We held our 2018 Annual General Meeting recently and have circulated around a summary of the meeting and what we decided for an Annual dues assessment. If you haven’t already seen the details in your mailbox, look here for a posting containing the slides we presented and a set of meeting minutes.
Another theft in the neighborhood
Nov 30, 2018: Recently we set the Christmas lights behind the bushes in the front of the neighborhood and some [Grinch] stole the box! We subsequently bought new ones and had them installed – but make sure to keep things locked up – even during the middle of the day. Our city is changing!
Trouble in our neighborhood
Nov. 5, 2018: We just were made aware that a car was stolen last night from the Little’s driveway (4119 Hidden Canyon Cove). If you saw anything or have security video of the area, please let Lee Little know ASAP.
New light fixture in the neighborhood
July 6, 2017: Have a look at our new light fixture located across from 4115 Hidden Canon Cove. Sterling Howry donated the light post and fixture to the neighborhood. We did the install and wiring across the weekend and now have a new light fixture to brighten up the neighborhood at night. A big thanks goes out to the Howry’s for their incredible generosity.
Westlake Drive Irrigation Project
Oct 30, 2018: Yes! It is finally happening. Thanks to Larry White’s vision and Lee Little’s implementation expertise, the existing faulty drip irrigation system will be replaced with a more reliable and cost-effective conventional system this week.
Please verify your contact information
Oct 30, 2018: Please Verify your Email Address: We are validating the contact information that we have for our neighborhood. Please respond that you received this (as well as your spouse if they choose to receive emails). I will be proactively contacting the households who don’t respond. You can also check/change the information at The user name is your last name and the password is the numeric part of your address.
Neighborhood Map & Contacts
Oct 30, 2018: Neighborhood Map now online|We now have a plat map that shows who lives on which lot – just in case you need to figure out who lives in some part of the neighborhood. The map is on the secure side of the website, so it takes a password to access it. Use the same log-in credentials that you use to access the directory,… You also can click on the last name of any homeowner and will be taken to the directory listing for that homeowner for phone numbers, etc.
New Light Posts in the neighborhood
Nov 30, 2015: We were able to make a couple of capital improvements this year. We updated the street sign posts at each end of Canyon Crossing and updated the light post at the corner of Canyon Crossing and Hidden Canyon Cove. The new post is taller and has a brighter fixture so it provides more light at night. We took the old post, sanded and repainted it and now it is in the island at the cul-de-sac of Hidden Canyon Cove. All in all, these improvements look great!