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The Preserve Homeowners Association
Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 163772
Austin, TX 78716-3772
Preserve Home Owner's Annual Meeting

Feb 16,2015: We held our Annual General Meeting at the Sharma's house on Sunday the 15th. In this meeting we covered a wide range of topics, including setting the HOA assessment for 2016, election of officers for the 2016/2017 term and set up an accrual account for Private Drive homeowners to eventually repave the private drive. See the minutes page in the documents page of this site.

Improved Plat Map

Aug 26, 2013: In case you haven't seen it, there is a Plat Map showing who lives where with their name and phone number. This is in the secure part of the website, so you have to log in to see it. Once in the Secure Pages, look for the Map of Homeowner Contacts.

Preserve Home Owner's Association

Jan 31, 2013: We held the PHOA Annual General Meeting on Jan 27th at Lee and Holly Boyd's house. The meeting covered the events of 2012 and reviewed the PHOA finances. The good news is that we kept well within our spending plan and as such won't need to raise HOA dues this year. The dues assessment for 2013 will be the same as it was for 2012. Details of the meeting, budget and minutes will be posted here as we get them. Stay tuned for more detail.

Crime in the area

Jan 27, 2013: During the PHOA meeting we learned that several incidents of crime have been reported recently and one event involved someone breaking into a home while the residents were sleeping. This is a wake-up call for all of us to do a better job of keeping our houses locked. Also mentioned was that criminals checked for cars that were left unlocked, where they contained a garage door opener or had a built-in opener button. They could use this opener to get into the garage and then into the house since many people don't lock the door between the garage and the house. Pay attention to these details!

PHOA Annual Meeting - Documents

Jan 23, 2011: The PHOA Annual General Meeting to recap 2010 will be held on Saturday, January 29th at the home of Lee and Holley Boyd (thanks for their continued hospitality). In our documents page are the significant documents that will be covered during the meeting. These include:

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Minutes of past meeting (2009)
  • Delinquent Payment Resolution

Please have a look at these documents before our meeting. Also, if you haven't RSVP'd already, please do so. To see these documents, press the page link [HERE].

New Policy on Delinquent HOA fees

Dec 6, 2010: Important note - the PHOA Directors just passed an amendment to the PHOA Bylaws that clarifies how delinquent accounts will be handled. This is the result of multiple homeowners that have been late making their PHOA dues. The document can be viewed [HERE].

PHOA Annual Meeting - Minutes

Feb 2, 2010: The Preserve Home Owners Association Annual General Meeting was held at 5:00pm on Sunday, January 31st, at the home of Moris and Claudine Simson. The minutes from this meeting are posted on the Docs portion of the website and can be found [here].

Welcome More New Neighbors

Nov 7, 2009: John and Lily Oberg are moving into the house where the Wakeland's used to live (4208 Hidden Canyon Cove). Another welcome to the neighborhood!

Links page added to site

Jan 2, 2010: There is now a links button and page on the site containing (hopefully) useful contacts and web addresses for local utilities, service providers, ... If you think there are other useful links to add, please contact us and we will include them.

Photos now in directory

Dec 2007: As an experiment we are trying something new with the online directory which is to add a family photo on the detailed information page for each family. Currently the Stockton's and the Simson's pages are the only one to have this, but if you would like to have yours added - simply email a small picture (jpg format) to John Stockton and we will put it into the directory. Also, if you think it is a dumb idea - please let us know that too. Click here to see an example.

Useful links

Dec 2009: Important information that is useful for Preserve Home Owners can be found here.

PHOA Directors Contacts (login req'd)

PHOA Neighborhood Map (login req'd)

PHOA Annual Meeting Documents

Travis County Appraisal District

Neighborhood Map now online

Nov 14, 2009: We now have a plat map that shows who lives on which lot - just in case you need to figure out who lives in some part of the neighborhood. The map is on the secure side of the website, so it takes a password to access it. Use the same log-in credentials that you use to access the directory,... You also can click on the last name of any homeowner and will be taken to the directory listing for that homeowner for phone numbers, etc.

Austin Area Almanac
04/01/2015 April Fool's Day
04/03/2015 EISD Holiday
04/05/2015 Easter
04/12/2015 Capital 10K; Downtown
05/02/2015 Pecan Street Festival (2nd-3rd); Downtown on 6th Street
05/05/2015 Cinco De Mayo
05/05/2015 Eta Arquarids Meteor Shower (5th-6th)
05/08/2015 UT Last Class Day
05/10/2015 Mothers Day
F 05/25/2015 Memorial Day
05/25/2015 EISD Holiday
06/11/2015 Republic of Texas Motorcycle Festival (11th-14th)
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